About us

IDM Publicación C.A. is a publishing house and full service provider for documentation, software development and software maintenance, based in Porlamar on Margarita Island, Venezuela.

The classical documentation services encompass creating and formatting technical documentation and translations, from single datasheets to multi-volume reference manuals, spare part and/or product catalogs, and online help for software systems.

In the past years we have more and more changed our core business to the design, programming, and publishing mobile applications, mainly but not exclusively for smartphones and tablets based on the iOS platform.

The broad portfolio of apps we are publishing can be viewed in detail in the iTunes app store as well as on the Google Playstore. Use the menu above (Mobile Applications) to view the individual listings or click/tap on the store badges in the header to see all of our apps at one glance.

Contact us by email to learn more about the documentation and publication services we can provide. Ask us for a quote on your documentation or translation task.