Nature/Wildlife (Animals and Plants)

Birds of Europe

The only high-end field guide app to identify *ALL* birds that are found in Europe (incl. Great Britain, the Mediterranean Islands, and Iceland). The database contains more than 850 bird species that are breeding residents in the areas mentioned, as well as introduced species, winter guests, and extremely rare vagrants, for example from North America.

All descriptions are available in English and German (partly in French and Spanish, the descriptions in these languages are continuously added). The text describes the most prominent physical features of a bird and contains information about migration, distribution, habitat, and diet.

Birds of South America

No continent supports a bigger and more varied bird population, more than 3,000 species belonging to more than 90 families are presented in this app.

This is the only app that describes all the species of birds regularly found in South America!

All bird names are included in English, Latin. and the major languages spoken in South America (Spanish, Portuguese, French) as well as in many other languages, including Japanese, Chinese, Russian, etc.

In addition to the bird descriptions and images the app presents an ornithological dictionary with almost 300 special terms and their explanations as well as high-quality drawings and explanations of bird anatomy and topology in English and Spanish.

The current app contains descriptions of 3,041 bird species. In order to keep the app size to a reasonable limit for downloading the app code, no pictures are included when you download the app from the store. You can download the available pictures from an external source at any time.

This version of the app contains more than 5,000 bird images! The images are downloaded from an external server using a function inside the app, there are no new versions of the app required, if images are updated.

Apart from the initial downloading of the full pictures the app runs completely offline, there is no need for an internet connection during usage of the app.

Birds of Switzerland

All 365 bird species found in Switzerland in a unique app, this has never been presented before in digital media, and never presented in such a well-designed app. All bird species listed with names in the official languages of Switzerland, as well as in English and with their taxonomic nominations. Featuring a user interface and descriptions in English and German, high-resolution pictures, comprehensive search facilities, and an ornithological dictionary, anatomic illustrations, and bird songs of all species!

Cereal and Crop *GERMAN*

This app is available in German only. Describes most common cereal and crop of central Europe.

Dog Breeds of the World


Comprehensive Descriptions and photos of almost 300 dog breeds.

Denna app innehåller 295 av de vanligaste hundraserna i världen, ordnade i 10 grupper enligt Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI). Denna gruppering har antagits av många nationella organisationer, t.ex. Svenska Kennelklubben (SK).

Dog Breeds of the World *GERMAN*

Dog Breeds of the World contain comprehensive Descriptions and photos of almost 300 dog breeds. Extensive filter and search functions for the selection of particular breeds with specified characteristics.

EuroBeetles *GERMAN*

The beetles (coleoptera) comprise more than 350 000 species in 166 families, which makes them the biggest order in animal class of the insects. Almost one quarter of all know life-forms are beetles! New species are discovered frequently and each year hundreds of them are added to the list of species.

EuroBeetles describes and depicts 80 species that are most common in Europe. Each species contains a description and pictures which allow the interested naturalist to determine a species in the field. For most beetles the English and Swedish terms are listed in addition to the original German and taxonomical name.

As an additional component this app contains a concise entymological dictionary in German, English, Russian, and – where appropriate – Latin resp. taxonomical terms.

EuroBirds HD

A digital dictionary covering more than 400 species of birds regularly seen in Europe. Each bird is listed with taxonomic names (family and species) in 8 languages: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Danish, Swedish, and Finnish. Apart from two photographs, the songs of most birds are available for download and storage on the user’s device. At first access to a song an internet connection is required and you can decide whether to download a single song, the songs of the entire family, or all available songs of all species.


  • quick search for any part of the species or family name in any of the languages
  • two photographs of each bird species
  • audio recordings of songs and calls to be played on iPad built-in speakers
  • intuitive navigation in portrait and landscape mode
  • internet connection only required for initial download of bird songs

*** Removed from Store ***

Illustrated dictionary in 7 languages of 296 dog breeds. Each breed is shown with 2 high-resolution pictures, comfortable full-text search by breed name or by picture (presented as “cover flow”!)


A nature guide for all who are interested in knowing more about the most common European amphibians. Contains detailed descriptions of 25 of the most common European frogs, toads, salamander, and newts.

The descriptions of each species can be viewed in English or German language and is supplemented by at least two high-resolution full-screen pictures of each species.

The GUI language and language of the descriptions can be switched at runtime from German to English and vice versa.

Moreover, the app contains a dictionary of the species names in 9 languages.


Nature Guide with detailed descriptions (in English and German) of the 125 most common insects of Europe (excluding butterflies and moths). Includes a dictionary of the species names in 9 languages and high-resolution images (min. 2 per species) . The GUI language and language of the descriptions can be switched at runtime from German to English and vice versa.

The descriptions provide information about distribution, range, habitat, behaviour, reproduction, habits, food.

Includes name translations in English, German, and Swedish.

European Birds of Prey

Uniquely designed for easy use in the field, this app covers all 65 species of birds of prey and owls found in Europe (includes very rare visitors, such as the Marsh Owl). Detailed species accounts describe key identification features, voice, habitat, range, and size. Almost 500 full-color illustrations depict every species, and color distribution maps provide breeding and wintering ranges for every species. Wing pattern photos are included for every species.

Complete with an introduction to each family of birds, this new edition is the ultimate field guide to Europe’s fascinating birds of prey and owls.

European Butterflies *GERMAN*

Brief descriptions and several high-resolution pictures of 88 of the most common butterflies found in Central Europe. Easy identification and search by thumbnails, names and/or base color, modern interface and intuitive navigation.

European Freshwater Fish

This app is available in German only. Describes most common European freshwater fish species, includes name translations to English and Swedish.


Nature Guide with detailed descriptions (in English and German) of the most common reptiles of Europe. Includes a dictionary of the species names in 9 languages. The GUI language and language of the descriptions can be switched at runtime from German to English and vice versa.


“Tracks and Signs of European Animals” shows various signs of more than 120 common animals (birds, mammals, insects). Apart from high-resolution pictures of the sign and the animal, detailed descriptions are included of the track, feeding sign, dropping or scat, pellet, animal home or other dwellings. The GUI language and language of the descriptions can be switched at runtime from German to English and vice versa.

Introduction to North American Beetles

Well-designed app with intuitive user interface showing 108 of the most common North American beetle species. Each species features at least two images and short descriptions in English language. Although it contains links to internet pages for each species, the app contains all information locally and is fully functional standalone without internet connection.

Poisonous plants of Central Europe

Guide to the poisonous plants in Central Europe. Intuitive user interface and comfortable search functions, high-resolution pictures for all plants and descriptions.

Sea Shells

This app shows more than 120 common species of sea shells found on the Atlantic and Gulf coasts. For each species there are three high-quality pictures, a brief description and information about size, habitat, and geographic range. All descriptive information is in English, the shell and family names are also shown in scientific (Latin) denomination.

The app features a modern, intuitive interface with easy navigation and search facilities for finding a shell by its name or searching in the full text for features and characteristics. The list of shells can be filtered by size or shape for easy identification of any shell found on the seashore.

As an additional feature, the app contains an extensive glossary of invertebrates with explanations of more than 400 scientific terms.

The app contains all text and images, after the download and installation no internet connection is required.

Sharks, Skates and Rays of the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico

Sharks, skates, and rays form a group of fishes also known as the elasmobranchs. There are about 800 species of this group, over half of which are skates and rays. The remainder of the group are sharks.

Sharks, Skates & Rays features over 60 species of sharks, skates, and rays that are found in the waters of the Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico. Each species is described in detail in terms of identification, habitat, diet, and reproduction. Apart from the descriptions, the taxonomic names (Latin) and the names in Spanish and French are listed, as well as any other used names in English, Spanish (ES) and French (FR). For each fish there are high-resolution pictures included in the app.

To explain the terms used throughout the app the app features an extensive glossary of ichthyological terms as well as diagrams (zoomable on the iPhone) explaining the external anatomy of sharks and rays.

Sharks, Skates & Rays runs fully as a standalone app that contains all information mentioned above, no internet connection is required. If updates of the data are available, these updates can be downloaded for free without the need of installing a new app version.

The Animals of the Year *GERMAN*

This app is available in German only. Lists and describes every species of the “animal of the year” in detail and shows high-resolution pictures for all animals.

The World’s Primates

The World’s Primates features descriptions and photographs of more than 400 species, complete with their taxonomic classification and various sorting and filtering functions as well as a an extensive glossary of terms related to primates. All data and the user interface are available in English and German language.

An intuitive user interface with a variety of useful function makes this app a valuable source of information for everybody interesting in knowing more about primates.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This first version does not contain all photographs and descriptions and is offered for an introductory low price. In the course of the coming weeks and months, all descriptions and available photographs will be collected and provided for download into the app for everybody who has purchased the app. The download of updated data will be free forever and is initiated inside the app.

Tropical Fruit available in Floridas Produce Markets

This very pretty free app contains photos and descriptions for exotic, tropical fruit that do not originate in Florida, but are available in the better food markets and produce stores.

Vegetables from the wild *GERMAN*

Description of 55 wild plants that can be used for human consumption. Includes high-resolution pictures and cooking recipes for each plant.

Wildflowers in Europe


Mit der App Wildblumen wird das Bestimmen einheimischer Wildblumen ganz einfach.

  • Lernen Sie die wichtigsten einheimischen Wildblumen kennen
  • Schnelle und einfache Bestimmung mit über 400 hochaufgelösten Bildern
  • Funktioniert vollständig offline, der Naturführer ist im Smartphone immer zur Hand