Translation, Documentation, Design

Glossaries DE-EN/EN-DE

Bilingual dictionary with special terms from subjects such as business and economy, chemistry, railways, healthcare

Power Glossary

Bilingual EN-DE/DE-EN glossary of special terms and definitions related to the “power” subject

Risk and Safety Statements

Risk and Safety Phrases in 22 European Union and 6 addtional languages (Norwegian Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese)

Safety Symbol Library

Comprehensive Information related to the subject of safety instructions and warning messages in technical Documentation

SBM Color Dictionary

All colors of the RAL Classic series with naming in 7 languages and RGB and HEX color definitions (for HTML)


English-German/German-English dictionary with more than 50000 special terms in 24 different subjects. Comfortable search functions, not only for translation professionals.

Text Attribute Specifier and Viewer

Excellent utility for iOS programmer to define and view text attributes (font, size, style, color, background) on the actual devices.