+++ August 10, 2018 +++

Additional country versions are available for Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay, and Uruguay.

+++ August 10, 2018 +++

There are now “country versions” of the app available for Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela. All features (except the country filter) of the full Birds of South America are available in the country apps, which are more economical for users who limit their birding activities to a specific country in Latin America.

+++ August 10, 2018 +++

The new version is available with a new feature and a changed image database storage. All bird images are included with the app and do NOT need to be downloaded after installation. The bird index can now also be filtered by country, one or several countries can be selected for display.

+++ November 27, 2015 +++

New version of EuroInsects

The new version is available in the store as of now, it eliminates small display bug where the “OK” and “Cancel” buttons for the language switching were not visible in newer iOS versions.

+++ November 14, 2015 +++

New version of “The Birds of Florida” available in store

Now all birds of “The Birds of Florida” are featured with a bird song that can be played independent from an internet connection. Two different graphic representations of the bird song frequency pattern can be displayed as waveforms while the song is playing.

The updated app version 1.2 is available for free download for all existing users.

+++ August 21, 2015 +++

New GERMAN ONLY iOS App “Wildflowers” available

Special price during the introduction period

Mit der App “Wildblumen” wird das Bestimmen einheimischer Wildblumen ganz einfach.

  • Lernen Sie die wichtigsten einheimischen Wildblumen kennen
  • Schnelle und einfache Bestimmung mit über 400 hochaufgelösten Bildern
  • Funktioniert vollständig offline, der Naturführer ist im Smartphone oder Tablet immer zur Hand

+++ July 29, 2015 +++

New version V2 of “Birds of South America” available in iTunes App Store

New features and function in the new version:

  • Changed GUI with different menu arrangement
  • New function Field Note Editor
    • Enter notes about your sightings
    • Notes can be synchronized with other iOS devices running the app (you can take the notes in the jungle on the iPhone and later transfer to the iPad).
    • Share field notes with other app users via Blutooth

If you have installed the app, there will be an automatic notification in your iTunes app.

+++ July 22, 2015 +++

New free iPhone app (German only)

A new free iPhone app is available on the iTunes store. However, it is available in German only. If you are fluent in German and want to drown your sorrows and disbelief about the European summer weather, here is the app to download and mix your favorite cocktail: