Questions & Answers

Are the photos stored permanently in the device or do I have to download them each time when I want to view them?

Once downloaded, all images stay permanently stored in the device. If you do not delete the app and re-install it, you do not have to download any images again.

Prerequisite for this is that you do not interrupt or stop the downloading process and that there is sufficient memory space in the device to store all images.

Birds of South America: Why is the download so slow and takes a long time?

The download is determined by two factors: (1) the speed of your network connection and (2) the amount of images downloaded.

Downloading the initial set of all images comprises more than 5000 photographs and illustrations in mostly high resolution. This means you have to download lots of megabytes of data. Please be patient, the result will be worth it.

Does “Bird of South America” miss a lot of images?

User JCSund wrote in a review that a large number of images are missing. This was years ago after we first published the app. As of today, there are more than 5000 images available, most birds feature two images and only 10 (!) species do not have any image at all. We do not call this a large number, compared to 3041 bird species described in the app…

Does “Birds of South America have range maps?

Not in the true sense of showing a map of the continent marking any areas where a species occurs. However, this does not make the app a mere catalog as user IndyDave47 wrote in his review comment. This user simply has not understood how to use the app properly, since he does not know that he can use the full text search function to show a list of birds for a certain area. By entering, for example, “east andes” as search criteria, you will get a list of all birds that occur in that region.

Does “Birds of South America” crash a lot?

User Timbo4962 wrote in a review comment that this app has much potential but crashes a lot. Well, first of all we do test our apps on all suitable hardware and OS platforms before we submit an app to the review at Apple resp. Google Play. Secondly, neither Apple nor Google will release any app that really does crash on their platforms!

Prerequisite for any app from us (and probably any other developer) is that your hardware and operating system are configured correctly and the app has been loaded “normally”. For apps that download images or other data at runtime, make sure the device has sufficient memory space and the data is loaded successfully and completely.

If your device is configured correctly and the app is installed properly with data downloaded completely, all our apps will run smoothly without crashing!

EuroBirds, Birds of Switzerland: I have downloaded all songs but cannot hear them.

Check out the hardware settings of your device and make sure the sound has not been muted with the hardware switch or the volume has not been turned down completely.

Other apps have range maps, why not “Birds of South America”?

So far we have only come across apps with range maps for a rather limited geographic area, such as countries like Panama or Costa Rica with a few hundred species. “Birds of South America” lists more than 3000 bird species and covers a very large area, including range maps for every species would be a task that is impossible for our small team of specialists. You can, however, use the full text search function to limit the displayed list of birds to a geographic region by entering the name of a country or region. This can be as useful as a range map where you see a tiny spot or area in a country outline, which does not make it easy to name the exact area of occurrence. In our opinion, an area name in the text description is by far better suited to describe a range than a vague map image.

Primates of the World: Why are there still pictures and descriptions missing?

We are still collecting and evaluating information and will add new data to the app from time to time. Due to the changes required in most of our other apps due to iOS changes we had to spend more time on updating other apps than we had planned.

The work on the Primates app will continue now and new data will be added soon, please be patient.

Switching to another language in EuroInsects V1.1

This issue has been solved by a new version that is available for download in the iTunes app store as of now.

Since Apple has modified some display routines in the newer iOS versions, the buttons for confirming the language settings are not displayed in the language switching menu. However, the switching function does work properly! Select the desired language and tap in the space where the “OK” button is supposed to be and the language will be set accordingly.

Here is the position of the buttons:


We are working on a new version which will be available in the iTunes store soon. Please be patient, sorry for the inconvenience.